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Baroda Gujarat AROGYADHAM Loan Scheme

  • To meet the financial requirements for setting up of New Nursing Home, Operation theatre, X-ray lab, Clinic-Cum-Residence/Hospital including anthological Laboratory, Drug stores, Expansion / renovation /modernization of existing Nursing Home /Hospital including Pathological Laboratory, Purchase of Medical Diagnostic Equipment as also Office Equipment, viz. Computers, Air Conditioners, Office Furniture & fixture, Purchase of Ambulance, Car etc…. and to meet Working Capital requirements including stock of medicines etc.
  • All entities like individuals, Proprietorship, Partnership firms, Private Limited Companies and Trusts engaged in providing Medical / Pathological Diagnostic services to the Society and with turnover up to Rs. 100 crores.

Type of Facility

  • Term Loan, Over Draft facility and Bank Guarantee (Non- fund based facility)


Maximum Limit
Rural Centers Rs. 100.00 Lac
Semi-Urban Centers Rs. 600.00 Lac
Urban Centers Rs. 1200.00 Lac
Metro Centers Rs. 1500.00 Lac

Method of Assessment of Working Capital Limit

  • 15% of projected gross income or annual sale subject to 20 % of the above ceiling limits in case of borrowers requiring both Term Loan and working capital facilities.

Method of Assessment of Term Loan Limit

  • 20% margin to be considered on purchase of Medical Equipment, furniture & fixtures, 30% on land and cost of construction of Hospital building, Need base finance as per the project cost, subject to economic viability of the same and generation of sufficient income to service the repayment obligations.


  • For Working capital: NIL
  • 20% margin to be considered on purchase of Medical Equipment or plant & machinery, furniture& fixtures etc.
  • 30% on land and cost of construction of Hospital building.

Repayment Period and Moratorium Period

  • -12- months in case of Working Capital, subject to review every year.
  • Up to -9- years in case of Term Loan, including -12- months of moratorium period, depending upon the cash.
  • Higher moratorium period up to -18- months can be considered for proposals involving construction of hospital building.


  • Equitable mortgage of Land & Building / Premises of Nursing Home / Hospital.
  • Hypothecation of Medical Equipment / Office Equipment, Vehicle acquired out of loan amount.
  • Hypothecation of medicines, receivables and other chargeable current assets.
  • FDR or any other liquid security as per terms of sanction, in case of Non Fund Based facility.


  • Maximum in -108- months, including moratorium period.
  • Interest debited in the account during moratorium period shall be recovered as when debited in the account.
  • The Loan amount shall be repayable in EMI / Non-EMI commencing after one month of completion of project


  • Comprehensive Insurance of Medical Equipment Vehicle, furniture & fixtures & Goods covering stocks. Mortgage property and others movables. Bank's name should be included as a financer.

Collateral Security

  • Third party guarantee.
  • Personal guarantee of Promoter Directors in case of Limited Companies and Trustees in case of Trusts.
  • Charge on unencumbered assets of Promoter / Directors in case of Private Limited Companies, or any other collateral by way of FDR, NSC, KVP, Surrender value of LIC Policies etc., mortgage of properties in the personal name of the relatives of Promoters etc. as may be available.

Credit Information Report

  • Bank is authorized to make enquiries from any of the Credit Information Bureau and get the Credit Information Reports. Bank is also authorized to disclose from time to time any information relating to the loan to Credit Bureaus approved by Govt of India or Reserve Bank of India without any notice to the borrower.

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